Tweeny  3
A Tweening library for modern C++

Tweeny is an inbetweening library designed for the creation of complex animations for games and other beautiful interactive software. It leverages features of modern C++ to empower developers with an intuitive API for declaring tweenings of any type of value, as long as they support arithmetic operations.

This document contains Tweeny's API reference. The most interesting parts are:

This is how the API looks like:

#include "tweeny.h"
int main() {
// steps 1% each iteration
auto tween = tweeny::from(0).to(100).during(100).via(easing::linear);
while (tween.progress() < 1.0f) tween.step(0.01f);
// a tween with multiple values
auto tween2 = tweeny::from(0, 1.0f).to(1200, 7.0f).during(1000).via(easing::backInOut, easing::linear);
// a tween with multiple points, different easings and durations
auto tween3 = tweeny::from(0, 0)
.to(100, 100).during(100).via(easing::backOut, easing::backOut)
.to(200, 200).during(500).via(easing::linear);
return 0;


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